27 Apr 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates and downloadable sims.

I was recently, without warning, banned from Sims Cave. Yeah, go figure. Luckily, or should I say strangely enough, I was one of a ton of people Ferris randomly decided to ban. Anyway, not including a 3 day vacation I had, I've been grouping together with said outcasts and helping to put together and bulk up a new forum for people who were recently booted. It's sims related, and since all of us were contributing sims creators, we plan on continuing our passion.

That being said, once we get everything organized, I'll be putting the link up here and uploading a few sims I've been working on.


Mura said...

Hey Epi!

Who are the others that got banned recently? What the heck happened anyway? (Just recently went to the Cave to see what's up).

Anonymous said...

Hey this is ArianaRoxx :D
No wonder your album was locked up at SimsCave D:
It was boring without you haha xD
I guessing that Zakkp, Sakura, and other ppls are banned from the site as well :/
Anyways, Im really looking forward to the forum :D

Mura said...

From what I've seen, Ariana, Zakkp's album is still unlocked, so he might not be banned.

It's sad. Most of the people I had the most fun with (Epi, Janira, Jeni, etc.) are all banned.

Anonymous said...

why??? wtf thats horse shit!

Romantique said...

Epi!!! I got Eric's message @ SC about this and the link to that chatroom but I haven't been around lately because my bf's brother just got back from Iraq. That said, I checked there a couple times when I could and no one was around so I was wondering what happened to you all.

That sucks hard, and it's been very boring around SC since. >:|

Mastering said...

Mura, Zakk was also banned too.

Epi, I missed you so much! SC is getting boOoOrInG without you!

See you in Spamalot soon!

Epifight said...
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Epifight said...

Zakk isn't banned.

Miyako (who hadn't even posted there in a month....)

Some other people too... But the above mentioned and I started a new place.

There was absolutely no warning. We were told to stop 'spamming' so we did. Then we were suddenly banned. It was very unpleasant. We don't miss the place but the people. And the fact that there was no explanation was very disturbing. I heard more people have been banned as well.

I miss you guys lots. So come visit us. =) We'll still be cranking out sims. I just made a funny one of Kitteh using the Newsea anal-bead hair. ;)

Jenipunch said...

Hey guys! Epi said it already, we got banned for abso-fucking-lutely no reason, and we packed it up and moved. I'd love to see you guys over there, the atmosphere is the same, we just don't have any paycrap. XD

Epifight said...



TwilightLover / TheSpamQueen said...


Darko said...

oooooooooooooo and I was wondering where you guys are :(
Epi I miss your comments lol

Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

Ahh that sucks!

I never go on simscave anymore because it's so boring now. XD

And that is so cool that you are making a new forum.

you'll be seing me there.


Epifight said...

I hope I see you all there. I heard how boring it was.

By the way, I didn't post this to be all 'WTF BOYCOTT THE CAVE'. I Completely understand that all of you get a lot of stuff there... Same here (thank god for IP scramblers LOLOLOLOL) but I am happy we now have a place to be crazy and not worry about getting yelled at for getting along so well.

Love you all<333 =)

MoGreekie said...

Awe, you were banned? I was wondering why I wasn't getting constant updates in the new posts section ;) I miss that!!! Simscave seems...so boring now. Too quiet.

Epifight said...

I saw you joined our site! Yay!

Yeah, apparently none of the other mods had a say. Ferris went on a spree. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

WHAAA how'd this happen! okay I've been gone a month but WUT I'll join up asap

Anonymous said...

Hellooooo this is purpleperson from the simscave web. i know i'm following your blog, but i forgot my password yahh...so i'm too lazy :)
anyway, that said, JOINNNNNS :) i hardly ever go to the cave cause you people are banned :*(
damn i've typed a whole crapload...

Epifight said...