19 Apr 2010

The Knox Family

A while ago I downloaded this amazing sim, made by NewOne, named Bryant Knox (available at her site). I knew he would be perfect for my one sim, Cyanna, and boy did they hit it off. Anyway, Bryant is a huge family man, and probably won't stop wanting kids until he can populate a whole town with his offspring. Luckily, Cyanna doesn't mind being his incubator, and it seems that their genetic mixture is nothing less than awesome. Well, I could be biased because I love them so much, so I'll let you be the judge:

Momma Knox

Daddy Knox

Love at first sight

The kids, from eldest to youngest:

Azean, the prankster

Drent, the artsy-fart

The Triplets-

Ophia, the immature

Kenla, the brave

Qualina, the nervious

Savion(Savi), the bookworm.

These are all PREVIEWS ;)

As soon as I get all their custom content together they'll be up for grabs.

Big thanks to NewOne over at One Billion Pixels. Without her hot bunch of pixels, this happy family wouldn't be possible.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kentla reminds me of somebody.. a girl called Eva, did you use a real person as model? I'm curious :)