13 Apr 2010


As some of you know, our very own Zakk is a bit of an internet troll. Despite his charmingly innocent, prepubescent attitude in the sims community, he's a (sort of) well known attention whore on Youtube. Well, not exactly Zakk himself, but a character he created named Bonifagurl.

Anyway, being the crazy person that I am I decided to make a Bonifa sim for Zakk, and being pleased with the execution I then decided to showcase him/her here.

The real deal:


For funsies I decided to make the real Zakk as well. The change in hair colour is due to the fact that Zakk informed me shortly after making the sim that he dyed his hair.

Zakk in his spare time-

As you can see, he's more accurate to his real image when portrayed as a girl. I guess that's due to the more masculine sim structure male sims seem to have. Or my sucky attempt at making him. You choose.

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