2 Apr 2010

Finn Andrews

So, I must have heard Nux Vomica a million times coming from my boyfriend's computer, but until recently I never knew what Finn Andrews actually looked like. So, for those of you who know The Veils, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see HOW EFFING HOT he is. I felt kind of silly, really, seeing as how I love the album. But I guess that is one of the few downfalls with arrring music.

Anyway, I thought I'd try and make a sim him and turn him into one of my sim's baby-daddy.

Although I prefer his voice better now, as well as his rugged look, I fell for his jailbait face as well. So, I decided to make two versions. I'm pretty happy with the first sim (so far), so I thought I'd give it a post.

Younger Finn (based on his Lavinia music video)

I'm on the search for a better pair of eyes, but other than that I think he's done.

I think I might hold off on the other a bit. Although there are a variety of hats available right now, I'm not really fond of how they fit the sim's head. You have to have really puffy hair in order for them to look alright. I might just suck it up and post him hat-less, even though it's his trademark.


Anonymous said...

hey he looks good! where did you get the eyes i like them. thanx if you can tell me.

Epifight said...

Subaxi's Break eyes. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks just like him!

Anonymous said...

thanx i found the eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

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