31 May 2010

More updates

I just added another page for request requirements.

I've been getting a few lately, and I thought it would be better for both sides if I wrote out the instructions with example pictures accompanying them.

27 May 2010

For Your Convenience

Because I have so many personal sims mixed in with my 'available for download' sims, I decided to organize the chaos a bit by adding a list of labels I use to tag each post.

Hopefully this will be less confusing for those of you who want to simply look at my downloadable sims.

Have fun.

20 May 2010


Requested selfsim.

13 May 2010


More requested selfsims =)

Once again, selfsims are NOT up for download. If you HAVE to have one, please contact me and I will gladly ask the person I created them for.

9 May 2010

Jos Senth

Version 2 of an older, never released sim.

Lips - I'm so incredably sorry, I completely forgot who made these. If anyone knows, PLEASE leave a comment and I'll give proper credit! Thanks!
Facial Hair & Eyebags
Skin - Peggy's non-default

Clothing pictured:


4 May 2010

Some new selfsims

At the request (by me or to me from others) I've been making self sims for people.

As the ones previously done, these are just for show. I don't feel comfortable uploading someone's self sim without their consent. ;)

This one is actually at the request of her little sister, who requested some interesting altercations...

Normal sim-

Alternate version of her sister-

Another Request

Also, I redid some sims and made some new ones. If I'm not feeling so lazy, I'll post them later.