13 May 2010


More requested selfsims =)

Once again, selfsims are NOT up for download. If you HAVE to have one, please contact me and I will gladly ask the person I created them for.


fluffywhitemanju said...

I just love the way you make sims! So much personality!

Would it be possible to request a selfsim of my own? :3

Epifight said...

Of course! I'll need a front and side view. Preferably with no smiling or goofy faces.

I added an e-mail address on the side bar =)

fluffywhitemanju said...

thank you! I'll try to get the photos to you asap.

Epifight said...

I got your pictures! I am just busy preparing for a presentation tomorrow. But I'll get it done this week.

Epifight said...

Almost done with her. ;)