20 May 2010


Requested selfsim.


fluffywhitemanju said...

thank you so much! :DDD
I am going to have so much freaking fun with this. kukukuku ♥

fluffywhitemanju said...

btw, I'm going to get the sim eventually right? I'm just so excited! I can't wait to play. :3

Epifight said...

I sent her in an e-mail to you! =)

I gave her to you without CC, except for eyes, eyebrows and skintone. Just so it was easier for you to save, and that way you could customize her to your liking. This is the 'Epi' version, seeing as how I wasn't sure what your personality etc. was like. I hope you dont mind that I made you into a a friendly, easily excited, bookworm... You looked so cute with glasses as well. =)

Also, everyone at the forum I post at is completely in love with you (you're sim that is, I don't show personal photos to people)!

I hope you enjoy her!

EDIT: Hmm I checked my e-mail and my letter to you bounced back. Sorry.. I'll try sending it again.

Jenipunch said...


fluffywhitemanju said...

AWWW thank you Jeni :3

and Epi I got your email and replied to you. Everyone just loves how you make sims is all (^o^)

btw I am a bookworm and I do wear glasses :O
you are psychic I say

Epifight said...

Seriously? Sweet. =D

Bonnie said...

OMGAR. I JUST HAVE TO ASK ONE THING. Where did you get her hair and glasses? :O

Anonymous said...

Where's the dress pattern from?

Epifight said...

Hair- Rose
Glasses- Infusorian
Pattern- Sim Control.


Anonymous said...