11 Apr 2010

Wes and Chay

So I saw this picture online, and despite the picture being a tad freaky, I fell in love with the model's face. So natural, being the Sims junkie that I am, I decided to replicate him.

Inspirational picture:

Wes Foix:

I was so pleased with his face I decided to make him a twin sister (actually I was just really curious to see how she would turn out). Unfortunately, it was a disaster. Her face was like something out of the Twilight Zone. But I didn't give up! I decided to fix her up and give her a similar, yet more feminine face.

Chay Foix:

Hair- It was recently brought to my attention that this hair is no longer available on GoS, but there is a similar hair here.
Eyebrows (#14)


For both:
Skins (peggy)
You will also need:
Non-default mod


Daisy said...

Wow. That picture really is insanely creepy XD
But the sim looks exactly like him- and dare I say it, attractive :)
The female sim is also very pretty :)

Epifight said...

Thanks Daisy! I know, I was all 'WTF' when I saw it, but then I became mesmerized with his face. I'm a sucker for odd faces. Hahaha

shoulderparrot said...

Hiii! :D
I really like them--a definite download. Also, you pulled the likeness off perfectly.
Would you mind sharing where you found Chay's top? :O

Epifight said...

All About Style. The shirt accessory was something I DLed AGES ago and the file name tells me nothing as to where I might have gotten it from. =(

Epifight said...

Waitwaitwait! I found the shirt! I thought is was part of another thing I DLed a while back. Anyway, sorry for the confusion!


shoulderparrot said...

Thank you so much, Epi! :D

Epifight said...

No problem!