2 Apr 2010

Forrest Friends

The Forrest family is done!

Lavender (Eldest)
Hair- Newsea


Eulalia (Middle)
Hair- Newsea (piggy)


Peony (Youngest)
Hair- Peggy
Eyeshadow (candy crush)


All sims are using-
Eyes (crystal V6)

If you want these sims to appear exactly as they are here...
You will also need:
-Because of the many sliders used in making these sim, you will need a hack to increase the amount of slider slots. I use Awesomemod, I'm not sure if there are others out there. If there are, let me know and I'll add it to the list!
-Version 1.10
-CAS ear sliders
-Bella's sliders
-Jonha's sliders


JennaBray's Sims said...

These are so beautiful Epi! I love them all. Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Which eyebrows are they? :)

Anonymous said...

How do u download them? They dont show up in game

Epifight said...

Jenna- Thanks so much. =)

Anon 1-Eyebrows Are all from Subaxi. 13, 10 and 5, I think...

Anon 2- Did you put them in your saved sims file? You also have to have patch 1.10, as stated. Unfortunately, it most likely won't show without it.

Mango said...

what is Peony and Lavender wearing? they're such pretty sims <3

Epifight said...

Lavender is wearing a dress from Rusty Nail, and Peony is wearing a dress Anubis360 converted from the H&M set (MTS). =)

Epifight said...

Oh, and also a shirt accessory from GoS by Sheep_Plushi.

Daisy said...

Lavender and Peony are gorgeous :D

Epifight said...

Thank you.