28 Jun 2010

About self sims.

Here's the deal:

Various people have come to me asking to upload the selfsims I've made. Before, I would have explained my policy to them, but it's got me thinking...

Personally, if I had a selfsim of myself, and people showed a huge interest in it, I'd be flattered. As the creator, I like the idea of a person giving the sims I make a happy home, and more than one person wanting a single sim makes me even happier.

If I was charging for the sims I make I'd give the requesters more benefits, but seeing as how I spend a lot of my spare time making these sims for people for no profit, I think I'm entitled to make the call if they go up for download or not.

Am I wrong in thinking this? I hope not.

Either way, personal information of those who requested sims will always be personal. I'll be uploading the sims under pseudo-names to keep identities safe.

Requests are still welcome, but I've changed my policy around a bit. Make sure to take a look and agree to everything before sending stuff my way. Also, keep in mind I'm willing to do more than selfsims. If you happen to see a face on the internet that you want in your game, I'm up for a challenge.

To eager downloaders, let me know which sims you want me to upload.
You can view them HERE.


HystericalParoxysm said...

ILU so hard right now. Like, squealglee. Eeeeeee!

The ones I'd love the most:
OMG THIS ONE and the first one here is -so- freakin' cute and eeeeeee! Also, sexy nurse!

I really actually would love all of them, but I'm probably being too greedy as it is - but it is only because ILUUUUU.

Epifight said...

I'll have to re-name and re-save them, but I'll try to have them up soon!


HystericalParoxysm said...

Thanks so much, Epi! I can't wait! Me and Frontbutt are both all YAAAAY that you're uploading them. You rock! :D

Epifight said...

Thanks ;)