24 Jun 2010


Requested self sim


Anonymous said...

May I ask, what eyebrows are used on this sim?

Epifight said...


HystericalParoxysm said...

Yo. Epi. You rock my socks. Liek whoa. But srsly. I need all these self-sims you're making. They look fantastic and I want to populate my entire 'hood with all of them and cuddle them and pet them and braid their hair and feed them cookies.

Pleeeaaaaaaase post up the self-sims. You're just being a total tease with all these awesome pics and then not letting us download them. To which I stomp and whine and WAAANT!

Epifight said...

Hahaha Thanks so much! I was actually talking to Ladyfrontbum about this today. I'm going to write a mass e-mail to the people who requested them letting them know other want their sims.

I think I was being a bit too sweet about the whole policy. I think it's not unreasonable to give the sims I make to the entire public after spending so many hours on making them for free.

;) I'll get the e-mail out asap.

MoGreekie said...

Oh sheesh! That sim is me, MoGreekie. Epi, I have noooo problem with sharing it ;)

Thanks again for the awesome sim!!! <3