8 Jul 2010


Ok, ok, ok ladies (and Sakk). HERE HE IS.

Requested to be put up like, over 9000 times. =P <3


Skin (peggy)
Chin Cleft

(nipples courtesy of DARKO <3)



Anonymous said...

I peed! <3

Epifight said...

I was wondering what that smell was...

Miss Lochness said...

Now that is what I'm talking about :D Marvelous.

Anonymous said...

I was checking him in my game and I must say that none of these screenshots do his nose justice. It's marvelous!

Epifight said...

I know, right? I was trying something new with him.

And thanks, Lochness!

Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

I love how you can see his nipples through his shirt. HOT!


Darko said...

<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I csn't seem to find the hair...can you post a direct link?

MoGreekie said...

reminds me of leonardo dicaprio :) but....with purple hair ^.^

littlerunningbee said...

Wow - he is really cool - love his attitude *____*


Anonymous said...

Epi the link for the skin is busted :/

Temptation said...

absoluty amazing i love him thanks !!

Mysims3 said...

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Anonymous said...

–ěh! He is very cool! I like him! Awesome!

maryjane. said...


Jill The Ripper said...

Epi! If/when you are able to log into blogger, I'd like to invite you to join NewOne's new project called Creator's Corner. If you follow the blog, your future updates will be featured. Would LOVE to see your sims on there. <333