8 Jul 2010


Requested sim

Hair- EA
Skin (peggy's ND)



bau said...

Epifight! More gorgeous sims - yay! : )

Don't know if you got my email (whatever is attached to blogger) about the wallchart - sent you the link - still pulling together promo shots before the unveiling.

Hope all is well and THANK YOU : )

Ariz, Larz and Cholez said...

OMG you posted him!!
I love him. He's so yummy.

grillcheesesammich said...


chinkychocolate said...

Omo he looks so nice~
Thank you s much!!
I'm excited to put him in game *U*

Epifight said...

Bau! I haven't checked my mail today... but thanks so much! I hope you won't mind if I give it to a few people (with threats of punishment if they don't give credit, of course!).

Thanks for the comments, guys!

bau said...

I think it was sent Friday or Saturday? If you don't have it yet, I will resend it - you can certainly share - I will hopefully have the post live this weekend - contingent on the house woes!

Epifight said...

I must not have gotten it then. I just checked, and I don't see anything. =(

I'm so excited to have it in game, but patching your house up comes first! I hope the tree doesn't give you much trouble. Make it into mulch for your new garden! Make an example out of it for the other trees!

bau said...

Just sent the link again to your Humanoid email - let me know if you see anything wrong : )

Epifight said...

I got it! Yay! Thanks so much.