31 Mar 2010

Kim Jaejoong (Requested)

Fresh out of the oven!

Kim Jaejoong

-Great Kisser
-Good Sense of Humor
-Natural Cook
Lifetime Wish:
-5 Star Chef

Custom Content-


-This sim was made using 1.10


HelenaAvelon said...

I read somewhere that you should have all the CC for the sim to appear in the game. I have downloaded the lips and the hair, but I don't know where exactly all the other things are.Could you send me the links to the exact locations, please?
Thanks in advance.

Jenipunch said...

You know what would be great for an accessory for this guy? The razor necklace things by Annhilation over at TSR.

Epifight said...

HelenaAvelon- You heard wrong. The sim will still show up, but the CC you don't have will be replaced by base-game things. And I'm pretty sure I linked everything I used.

Jeni- I was thinking about that actually, or Peggy's weird necklace. The rectangular thing. But whoever wants to try them, be my guess. =)

Anonymous said...

I knew there was SOMETHING familiar about this sim when I saw him on msb3! He is a gorgeous sim. The "5 star chef" makes me giggle like a school girl.

Epifight said...

I'm glad it made you giggle. I had no idea what LTW to give him. I don't even know who he is, really. Hahaha